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Shelter Island Three-Bedroom Thinks It's Not On Shelter Island

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Compared to most places on the East End, homes on Shelter Island tend to be more modestly priced affairs. However, this three-bedroom contemporary is hoping to be the exception to that rule. It just came on the market with a rather optimistic ask of $1.4M.

Set on three quarters of an acre, the "recently updated" home offers 1500 sq. ft. of living space, an open floor plan, exposed beams "hand picked in Maine at a mill," a fireplace, and a pair of terraces/balconies flanking the main floor. Contrast this listing with another Shelter Island property asking just $200K more?one with water views, more acreage, more than twice the square footage, a pool, garage, and an elevator?and we have a feeling this might be in for an extended stay on the market.

· Listing: 12 Manhanset Road [Corcoran]