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Black Flag Signals The Demise Of Ronnie's Deli

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When word broke that Ronnie's Deli would be closing after 50 years, many Curbed readers weren't happy to hear the news. Considering the shuttering indicative of a larger, less welcome trend, one commenter noted, "We are supposed to accept change, but there is almost nothing left of the Montauk I have known all these years and that is just plain sad."

Well, at least one resident of 11954 decided to make their displeasure known through an act of harmless (and amusing) subversion. A tipster sent us a picture of a black flag that someone decided to erect outside the storefront in the last few days. Mourning? Anarchy? Whatever the rationale behind the act of defiance, it seems symbolic of how many in Montauk feel about the changes facing the community in the last few years.

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