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Former Crow's Nest Owner Accused Of Spying On Renters

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In what would make an excellent (and disturbing) entry into our search for renter horror stories, a family of nine?including three children?is accusing Donald J. Torr, former owner of Montauk's Crow's Nest, of secretly recording their stay at his East Hampton rental. According to The NY Post, "One of the guests was watching TV in a bedroom during the week leading up to Labor Day when he noticed a camera lens." After a search, the family discovered four more cameras hidden around the house. Police found another three. East Hampton authorities and the Suffolk County DA are currently investing what images were caught on the recordings.

In response to the unauthorized filming, the family slapped Mr. Torr with a $4.6M lawsuit. After cutting short their stay, Mr. Torr refunded their money and admitted that he could watch the footage from his computer, but said he only set up the cameras to protect against squatters. "We had break-ins and problems. People have stayed in the house that were unauthorized," he told The Post.

· Hamptons peeper: 'Landlord' cam spied on renters, lawsuit claims [NY Post]

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