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4.5 Years Later, 24 Ocean Avenue Has Found A Buyer

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Persistence finally paid off for the seller of this five-bedroom in East Hampton. A whole mess of pricechops?$8.5M in total?probably helped too. After putting the home on the market waaaaay back in March of 2008 for the optimistic sum of $18.5M, it's finally clicked over to "In Contract" with a $9.999M pricetag.

So...what took so long? The last time we mentioned the listing, Curbed readers weren't exactly blown away. "For that price the main house is far from impressive. The ceilings are extremely low, there are no grand spaces, the interiors look outdated," was how one put it. Another noted that the "1% want lots of glitz and glam under their gambrel roofs." That's a far cry from what the mega-wealthy were after back in the day. Turns out, this little number was built for Dr. George E. Munroe, the founder of the insanely exclusive Maidstone Club, back in 1888.

If this place does end up on a date with the wrecking ball, the soon-to-be new owner has enough land to go about creating the next East Hampton behemoth. The property boasts 2.6 acres.

Now, the big question: For how much is this place finally going to sell? As always, guesses for the purchase price are welcome in the comments.

· Listing: 24 Ocean Avenue [Corcoran]

Maidstone Club

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