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Historic Traditional In EH Village Now $500K Cheaper

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We've walked by this place hundreds of times and have paid no attention to it whatsoever. Today, though, the village home finally landed on our radar...and in a big way. After hitting the market last April, the ask has been lowered $500K and now stands at $3.95M. An 11% chop is notable in and of itself, but it's the surprising size of the property that's really piqued our interest. The parcel is a whopping 3.5 acres. And that's in the actual village of East Hampton. Who knew there was so much land hiding behind the bushes out front?

Oh, there's a pretty nice six-bedroom traditional in the offering as well. The 6000 sq. ft. residence has been "meticulously restored and maintained" and updated with modern amenities that "meet all of today's needs." Original details and antique wood floors can be found throughout, as can four stone fireplaces. The understated home also boasts a "top-of-the-line kitchen with dining area and full pantry, formal dining room, drawing room, parlor, and sitting room with bay window." Not too shabby.

· Listing: Historic Tradtional, 3.5 Park-Like [Sotheby's International Realty]