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This NW Woods Three-Bedroom Just Wants To Break Even

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Good news first: We kinda like this "mid-century modern" located just outside the village. Set on 1.2 acres "of park like grounds," the three-bedroom features 1900 sq. ft. of living space, walls of windows, a pair of fireplaces (one of them's in the master bedroom), exposed wood beams throughout, and a living room "with soaring ceilings." In addition to offering some always-welcome privacy, the gated property also boasts a 1200 sq. ft. air conditioned poolhouse to service the heated pool. Asking price? A respectable $1.495M.

Now, the bad: The homeowner originally paid $1.475 for the place back in 2004. If the home sells for its current ask?which is a huge if?the seller is still going to end up in the red (think broker's fees, taxes, and the like). It's probably small consolation, but at least he's not the only one with this problem.

· Listing: 35 Hands Creek Road [Prudential Douglas Elliman]