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Get Your Downward Dog On In This East Hampton Home

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It's only been a little more than a week, but we've found a strong contender for Most Ridiculous Listing Photos of 2012.* And just what makes them so ridiculous?

Let's start with the .72 acre property itself. Overgrown pants? Check. Unhealthy-looking, patchy lawn? Check, check. Depressing driveway? Check, check, check. Random tea kettle amongst the bushes? Check4. Well, at least it's got a pool.

We were hoping that the interiors would be an improvement, but we should have known better. Creosote stained fireplace? You got it. Worn out dog bed? Right this way. Bin full of sticks? Uh...sure. And while we're fine with shabby chic, this place could have used a thorough cleaning and staging before the photos (which are of exceptionally poor quality themselves) were snapped.

Although the pictures show a home in desperate need of some TLC, what really gives us pause is the inexplicable inclusion of people doing yoga. Apparently, this home belongs to a "highly-regarded yoga teacher and author." That's all well and good, but we really don't need proof. Maybe the yogi thinks their inclusion will lead a homebuyer to believe the place is overflowing with positive karma or some other new-agey mumbo jumbo.

Combine a soft market with these truly absurd photos and you can see why this home has seen a $110K pricechop since it was first offered in October of 2010?the ask on the four-bedroom now stands at $774K. There's a pretty good chance of that coming down even more as the owner is relocating and "interested in making a deal".

*We realize this home has been on the market for more than a year now, but we we didn't come across the listing until this weekend.

UPDATE: The listing agent responds...

· Listing: 3 Stokes Court [Douglas Elliman]