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Reader Comments

It's been a little while since we've checked out what readers have been saying about recent posts. Sure enough, they've started off the new year with their usual brand of humor, insight and venom. Here's a rundown of last week's standouts:

CHEFS WITH OPINIONS NEED NOT APPLY: "Penner's post about East Hampton Grill was on point. Everyone commenting here seems so thin-skinned, whiny and histrionic. A chef isn't allowed to comment on another restaurant? Buck up and stop crying."

THOSE "REDNECKS" SHOULD FIT RIGHT IN: "The thing is, they would have been at home with the bubs in Springs. And I dont mean that disparagingly at all."

READERS AGREE, THE ASK IS TOO DAMN HIGH: "Too small & right up the wazoo of neighbors - might get some bites at $700K, but the current asking price is unrealistic and this will sit for some time."

DO THOSE LEGS GO ALL THE WAY UP?: "Everyone knows Vered is totally going to push the matter so she can get arrested and milk this in the NY Post - again. I will bet most Sag Harbor residents want this eyesore to go away, it's made the point for the sake of art but it's time to go."

NOT EVERYONE AGREES WITH SAG HARBOR'S WIN: "Amagansett, you 'wuz robbed. Shabby-Chic Sag Harbor is starting to show some wear and tear after all these years, come on people!!!!"

NOT EXACTLY UNDERSTATED, IS IT?: "Dripping conspicuous consumption. Bernie Madoff would have been right at home here."

PHOTOSHOP TO THE RESCUE: "Very nice presentation and I think that will help buyers perceive this as a good value, even with the glut of Springs properties for sale at the moment. This property will have the edge. Amazing what some de-cluttering and photoshopping can do. Even the teddy bear on the nicely made bed is a sweet touch!"