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Southampton's 160 Ox Pasture Road Gets A $10M Pricechop

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The pricing history on this Deathmatch-winning, Grosvenor Atterbury-designed estate is a rather curious one. After hitting the market in June of 2008 for a jaw-dropping $59.5M, the 12-bedroom saw a $10M pricechop almost exactly one year later. In June of 2011, the price went back up to $59M. Then, on Saturday, another $10M pricechop saw the ask drop to $49M. It doesn't look like the owner is in any hurry to sell?the place has been on the market for more than four years?but we really can't figure out the logic behind the pricing game they've been playing. We're sure there's a reasonable explanation, but it's Monday and we're not firing on all cylinders just yet. If any Curbed readers think they might be able to offer a plausible theory, please do share it.

· Listing: 160 Ox Pasture Road [Corcoran]