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A Two-Bedroom Cottage In Southampton North For $495K

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The newest member of Curbed Hampton's illustrious (and slowly growing) Under 500K Club is this cute 1200 sq. ft. home in Southampton North. Set on a nicely-landscaped half acre down a "quiet dead end road", the two-bedroom is a nice departure from the megamanses that the Hamptons has become known for. Although, that doesn't mean the place is without problems.

Much like the chakra-loving home featured this morning, the place could benefit from a little staging. We love the sunroom, but others might not be able to look past the newspaper on the floor beneath the birdcage. Also, the clothes on the bed are a big no-no, even if they are neatly folded.

These quibbles?along with a kitchen in need of a renovation?aren't necessarily dealbreakers, but prospective buyers won't be able to avoid them. Maybe the owner should throw in the racecar bed to sweeten the deal. Everybody loves a racecar bed.

Southampton Cottage 2 Bed With Lovely Yard [Nestseekers]