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Two Years Later, This Water Mill "Resort" Hasn't Found A Buyer

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If you're a fan of modesty, you might want to stop reading right here...The Resort At Mill Creek is anything but.

The last time Curbed Hamptons wrote about this home (and we use that word loosely), it was to discuss a $2M pricechop that left the place with a $12M pricetag. Since then, its ask has dipped below the $10M mark and now stands at $9.45M. Or should we says "sits"? The ginormous residence has been on the market since October of '09 and the only action it's gotten involves an ever-shrinking ask.

Decorated to within a inch of its life?More zebra skin rugs! STAT!?the eight bedroom/13.5 bathroom resort is a great of example of why bigger isn't always better. There are only so many people that can appreciate (let alone afford) a place that boasts things like a 1500 sq. ft. living room with 26' ceilings, a master suite with his/her baths and an atrium with private spa, an indoor pool within another atrium, and a five-car garage. It kind of feels like the designer was more interested in seeing how many amenities they could cram into one space and didn't think that it might be overkill.

*Feel free to use this video's soundtrack for all of your new-aged meditation needs.

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