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Another One Of The "Houses Of Sagaponac" Has A Buyer

This three-bedroom might look familiar to many of you out in Curbed Hamptonsland. At one point the Olsen Twins considered buying the Henry Cobb-designed modern, but eventually backed out. We also used the 3100 sq. ft. home as one of our pricespotter contestants in October.

The Joe Farrell construction first hit the market in August of 2010 and was listed as "In Contract" shortly before Christmas, hot on the heels of another sale in the development. While the sale price hasn't been disclosed as of yet, we would assume it's somewhere near the original, pricechop-free ask of $2.495M.

While this has been one of our favorite listings for quite some time, we hope that whomever is about to buy it has earplugs at the ready. One of the biggest complaints about "The Houses At Sagaponac" has been plane noise from the nearby East Hampton Airport. At least the owners can escape to what one Curbed reader called a "bomb shelter"?it's lower level includes "a wine room, two laundry rooms, sitting area set up for media, full bath, wet bar, storage and carpeted floors."

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