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A Five Acre Pondfront Estate In Southampton For $15.5M

Described as "one of the last of its kind", this five acre spread in the village of Southampton is quite the piece of land. It extends from Wyandanch Lane to Old Towne Road and boasts almost 400' of waterfront on Old Towne Pond, an enormous rolling lawn with old-growth vegetation and a "linden tree under which 200 people can dine". While permits are in place to create an "unparalleled compound" (see: teardown), the listing mentions that the property is currently home to four converted or renovated buildings:

"...a charming two-story gate house converted into a seven-room home, a barn renovated into a four-bedroom house, a stable converted into a three-bedroom guest house, an historic rustic shed, and the cement foundation of the famous Duke Box. All structures date from 1899."Owned by financial planning muckety muck Alan R Leist Jr, the property has been on the market for about six months and just saw a healthy $1.75M pricechop yesterday. Any guesses as to how much lower this will need to go before finding a buyer? · Listing: Wyandanch Lane, Southampton [Corcoran]