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Reader Comments

The last full week of January saw the Curbed readership offering their usual brand of unfiltered, unfettered and sometimes unkind opinions. Let's revisit some of the more memorable additions to the East End real estate conversation, shall we?

MY EYES, THEY BURN: "Maybe these people are very sick individuals who actually don't want to sell the house. They just want you to come & look at it and admire the "beautiful" decor."

I'M WALKIN' HERE: "In East Hampton, the real problem is idiot drivers not paying attention to people in the crosswalks and almost running them down. In Bridge, the problem is jaywalkers not looking where they're going. I don't know why this is true but it is!"

THE NUMBERS, THEY DON'T ADD UP: "Let's say it sells for 3 million. Investor wants 5% return or 150,000. So rent to restaurant operator is 12,000 per month plus insurance, taxes etc. Explain to me how these numbers work in a two month season where there are many competitors in close walking distance including tourist-favorite [Gosman's]."

SOMEONE SMELL A NARC?: "Damn, that's pretty effed up. But c'mon kids, seriously, don't bring your stash to school. Or at least leave it in the car. That's like HS 101."

THE BLAME GAME: "This restaurant has been going down hill every since skip spent all his money trying to hatch butterfly's from a bottle of kettle one across the street from the restaurant. While the road access did hurt business it was the lack of care by the ownership that really did it in."

WE WOULD NEVER!: "Notice how there are no interior shots of this house, it's almost like they knew it would be a teardown and did not want owners to be subjected to critiques on things like Geese Pillows etc."