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Hyperbole Abounds In This East Hampton Listing

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

It's hard to get a sense of this newly listed four-bedroom because the brokerbabble is bordering on cartoonish. Some exaggeration is expected in listing copy, but this is one of the more extreme examples we've come across. In less than a hundred words, the agent has successfully made this $3.85M home stand out for all the wrong reasons. Check out some of the hits:

  • "...restored and renovated to perfection..."
    " of the best kitchens you will find anywhere..."
    " over the top pool house..."
    " will agree this is one of the most charming and sexy houses on the East End."

Any one of these statements would be fine by their lonesome, but together (especially that last one) they only detract from what looks to be, judging by the photos, a rather nice residence. Then again, maybe the agent is hoping their hyperbole will keep interested buyers from noticing the location: The 3200 sq. ft. cottage borders on Montauk Highway. · Listing: 340 Georgica Road [Corcoran]