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In Amagansett, Another Pricey Property Quickly Finds A Buyer

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

For all of the relative doom and gloom that last week's year-end reports brought, the high-end market is still moving along at a rather healthy clip. The past month alone has seen some pretty sizable properties enter into contract after spending not very much time on the market.

One of the the latest $4M+ listings to find a buyer after just a few months is this five bedroom traditional in Amagansett. The 4,500 sq. ft. home is set on 1.8 acres, boasts a pool, room for tennis and some pretty incredible views. While they may not be of the water, it would be hard to find fault with scenery that includes "14 acres of pastoral reserve, rolling hills and horse farm." Since this just went into contract a couple of week's ago the final sale price is not yet available. However, due to the speed at which the deal seems to be progressing, we would expect it to go for near the original ask of $4.2M.

Feel free to share your best guess for the purchase price in the comments.

· Listing: Stony Hill Farm Amagansett [Sotheby's]