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After Five Pricechops, This North Sea Home Is Still Buyerless

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This home's time on the market is slowly creeping up on two years. The extended stay is not for the owner's lack of trying, though. The three-bedroom "contemporary" has seen its pricechopped a total of five times since it was first offered in April of 2010. While the original ask of $748K was completely unrealistic (to put it mildly), the current one of $448K is a little more palatable.

The 900 sq. ft. cottage's stats are as modest as you'd expect: "Living room, kitchen and dining area with slider to patio, small covered porch at entry." However, it's set on .75 acres of tall trees and established gardens and is "not far from Big Fresh Pond".

Question for Curbed readers: Is this worth renovating or is it destined for teardownsville?

· Listing: 202 Millstone Brook Road [Corcoran]