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Chef Kevin Penner

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Kevin Penner, executive chef for East Hampton's 1770 House and Cittanuova, recently took to his blog to bemoan boring restaurants that don't embrace their environments. After visiting to "a fairly new East Hampton" (cough The East Hampton Grill cough) the chef was left with a bad taste in his mouth. He thought the dining room would "look at home in any upscale mall in America", the menu wasn't terribly interesting and much of the food was out of season. Although his meal was good, he felt his experience was indicative of the "packaging and homogenizing [of] restaurants" that many in the food world are embracing. Anyone who's eaten there would most likely agree that the restaurant does feel a little "airport steakhouse". They do make a tasty burger, though. []

1770 House

143 Main Street, , NY 11937 (631) 324-1770 Visit Website

East Hampton Grill

99 North Main Street, East Hampton, NY Visit Website