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They've Got Legs And They've Been Ordered To Lose Them

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The sculpture known simply as "Legs" in Sag Harbor has been ordered to come down by January 22nd. If its owners?Janet Lehr and Ruth Vered?don't comply with the Sag Harbor Building Department's demand, they'll be headed to court: "Failure to remove the structure will necessitate the issuance of an appearance ticket." This statement comes after three years of back and forth between the Village of Sag Harbor and the pair?and about eight months after the zoning board ordered to remove the 16' Larry Rivers sculpture.

As expected, the duo doesn't seem too interested in backing down. In a letter to The East Hampton Star she stated, "We want our legs. The legs must stay." So, yeah, we have a feeling they'll be headed to court very shortly. Let's just hope Ms. Vered doesn't end up in the back of a squad car* when they do.

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*The picture accompanying this Daily News article is amazing.