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A Pair Of Sub-$500K Homes Battle It Out For Listing Supremacy

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Readers may have noticed that we've been featuring more "reasonably priced" (for the Hamptons) homes on the site as of late. While they're not traditionally what many envision when they think of "The Hamptons", these residences are just as much a part of the area as $35M Georgica estates. Believe it or not, some people actually live here during the non-summer months, so we've been trying to strike a balance between fantasy and reality.

With that in mind, we thought we'd have a little fun with pair of Under $500K listings that just crossed out digital desk.

[Photo credit: Prudential Douglas Elliman]

?Listing: 11 Gardiners Cove Road, Springs
Price: $449,000
Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Sq. Ft.: 2/1/700
Acreage: .72
Located next to a 26-acre nature preserve and just 100 yards from the water, this cottage may be small on the small side, but boasts a rather large .72 acre parcel of privacy-loving property. Newly renovated, it features a cleared lawn, outdoor shower, and what looks to be a pretty decent kitchen. It first hit the market in November of 2011 for $469K, but just experienced its first pricechop yesterday.

?Listing: 30 Fifth Street, Springs
Price: $495,000
Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Sq. Ft.: 3/2.5/1600
Acreage: .28
Weighing it with more than double the square footage?but a third of the acreage?is this 3-bedroom a little further down the road. The home features an open floor plan, granite kitchen, central A/C and a pretty handsome deck that seems to compliment the landscaping quite nicely. You'll also find a "separate master wing with vaulted ceiling and large ensuite bath."

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