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Eight Chops Later, This Bridgehampton Home Is Under $4M

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Unlike its neighbor up the the street, this modern is having a hell of a time finding a buyer. It first hit the market in July of 2009 with an ask of $5.75M and now, eight pricechops and one inexplicable priceup later, the owner is hoping for $3.695M...about $700K more than they paid in 2005.

It's got some decent stats too: four bedrooms, expansive decking, a heated pool, an acre parcel, and it's less than half a mile to Mecox Beach. Other than some goofy custom furniture (which is available for purchase if you're into that kind of thing), it feels like the last couple of pricechops would have gotten this done.

However, based upon what Property Shark is telling us, it looks like the home is in the process of foreclosure and the title is in question. That would most likely explain the procession of pricechops and buyer hesitation. Although the furniture certainly isn't helping.

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