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Fancy Crosswalks Are Coming, But Will They Do Anything?

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Anyone who's spent any time in the village of East Hampton during the summer knows how ridiculous the jaywalking situation is. For some inexplicable reason, an incredible number of people just can't be bothered to use the crosswalks. It's like common sense gets thrown out the window in favor of making it to Scoop Du Jour 45 seconds quicker.

Fortunately, that might (and that's a BIG "might") be changing due to some new crosswalks. Patch is reporting that after a year-long wait, the village has finally gotten approval and funding for illuminated crosswalks. Once installed?hopefully by the beginning of the season?the push of a button will trigger a flashing light to warn drivers that a pedestrian is about the cross.

This sounds like a great idea and one that should undoubtedly make pedestrians safer, but we're not entirely convinced it addresses the larger, more dangerous problem of people disregarding the crosswalks entirely. So, we thought we'd throw this one out to the Curbed readership.

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· State Gives Green Light for Illuminated Village Crosswalks [Patch]