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The "Legs" Continued...

Janet Lehr and Ruth Vered were given a date of January 22nd to remove the Larry Rivers' sculpture known simply as "Legs" from their Sag Harbor property. Failure to do so (or apply for a new variance) by that deadline would have seen the duo headed to court to answer for zoning violations. Now that the date has come and gone, do you think the ladies ditched the 16' pair of gams? Of course not! We reached out to Ms. Lehr this morning and she had this to say: "The LARRY RIVERS sculpture, THE LEGS, is still standing. Our attorney has file[d] the appropriate paperwork with the village." We kind of expected as much. If it helps their case, Curbed readers overwhelmingly (about 3 to 1) want sculpture to stay put. [Previously, Curbed Hamptons]