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In Southampton, The Phrase "Overdoing It" Comes To Mind

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We thought we'd start out the week with the newest addition to our collection of homes/listings that defy explanation. And this three-bedroom most definitely fits the bill.

It's not the location?right off Country Road 39?that has us shaking our head. Nor is it the combination of robin's egg shingles and bright red awnings. Even the $725K pricetag isn't fazing us. What's got us wide-eyed and mouth agape this morning are this home's completely insane interiors?specifically the bedrooms.

This is the first (and most likely last) time in Curbed Hamptons history that that the question, "Does the carpet match the drapes match the bedspread match the pillowcases match the valances match the lampshades match the sofa?" can not only be asked, but answered in the affirmative.

We can think of two possible explanations for why everything is covered in various shades of toile:

1. The fabric was on sale and the homeowner just couldn't pass up a good bargain.
2. The owner went on vacation and their friends decided to play a prank (a la covering everything in tin foil).

If you've got any other theories, we'd love to hear 'em. Feel free to avail yourselves of the comment section.

· Listing: 196 County Road 39A [Saunders]