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Reader Comments

The comment section was certainly hoppin' last week. From home sales to restaurant ideas to rumors about P. Diddy, Curbed readers weren't holding anything back. Here's a sampling of some of their more memorable missives:

ENOUGH WITH THE FISH ALREADY: "I think many locals from all over would support reasonably priced Thai or Indian YEAR ROUND and the concept would be great. Let's just get over the BBQ/Chowder idea and move on to something different to open up people's palates."

PLEASE PUFFY, DON'T BUY 'EM: "that sounds like maybe the worst idea i have ever heard. and that from someone who doesnt frequent, but doesnt hate the surf lodge."

THIS LISTING SMELLS FUNNY: "Looks like the Hamptons real estate version of the Nigerian email scam. The Department of State should look into this."

A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION: "All wrong! This house is little gem that's been meticulously maintained. They will get big bucks for and it will not see a wrecking ball. Quality and location trump size."

NO SENSE OF HISTORY: "While happy it sold there is a BIG difference between restored and preserved. This 1891 structure seems to have been reborn as the quintessential PotterBarn-esque version devoid of original charm. Is there anything original remaining?"