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James Biber-Designed Montauk Estate Gets Another Pricechop

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Curbed readers will no doubt be familiar with this AIA award-winning Montauk compound as it's made a few appearances before. When it first hit the market in 2007, the 4-acre estate had a hefty $35M pricetag attached. However, in the past year alone, the home has seen an incredible $15.5M worth pricechops?roughly 45% off of the original ask. It now now stands at a still-respectable $19.5M. One would surmise that the owners, Kenneth and Jeanne Levy-Church, are more than ready to unload the place.

Set on four oceanfront acres and built by Men-At-Work (no relation) in 2006, this residence was constructed "using the highest quality woods, steel, stone, glass, and glazed finished brick." It's comprised of two structures?a four-bedroom main home and a two-bedroom for guests?offering 11,000 sq. ft. of living space.* The typical high-end amenities are of course included, as are some not so typical: a roof top deck, a custom sky-lighted gym, interiors by designer Larry Weinberg and a private path leading down to 300 feet of beach.

In previous appearances, Curbed readers seemed to love the home (going so far as to call it "gorgeous" on two separate occasions), but didn't feel so strongly about the price. Now that it's under $20M, we're curious to know if that's changed.

Update: James Biber, the architect responsible for this design, wrote in taking issue with our attribution of the interiors to Larry Weinberg.

"The interior design was the work of my office, Biber Architects (previously Pentagram Architects) not Larry Weinberg. Larry provided the vintage furniture (that the owner and I selected) and it appears in a few of the images shown, primarily the living room. In other places, like the screening room, kitchen, master bedroom and guest house, we designed custom furniture, along with all the interiors. Thanks for the correction, and thanks for the kind words about the house. The property is, at any price, simply remarkable."

In our defense, we pulled that bit from the Douglas Elliman listing. So, uh, blame them. · Listing: 230 Old Montauk Highway [Prudential Douglas Elliman]
· Listing: Spectacular Ocean Views, Mid-Century [Sotheby's]