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Despite Opposition, Supermarket May Still Be Coming To SH

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Residents are none too happy with Southampton Village officials as their concerns about a proposed supermarket at the intersection of Hampton and Flying Point Roads seem to be falling on deaf ears. Despite a recent two-hour public hearing in which opponents criticized the of changing zoning laws to allow The Fresh Market to take over the parcel at 630 Hampton Road, the board members are still leaning in favor of passing the legislation.

"I know when I see a case of spot zoning," said Southampton village resident Abraham Wallach, referring to the practice of changing a parcel's zoning to benefit a builder wanting to use said parcel for something other than what is allowed to be sited on the property. Village officials, of course, disputed that this was the case. Village Attorney Richard DePetris argued that spot zoning only applies when there is no community benefit.

With both a King Kullen and Waldbaum's nearby, not everyone sees a benefit for the proposed "gourmet food store," though. There's also the ever-present issue of traffic. As one Curbed reader put, "This is the worst location ever - possibly creating a fire hazard for emergency vehicles to get thr[ough]. Would it be possible for our elected officials to say NO to such a terrible idea?"

The Village Board was quick to point out that even if this law is passed, the supermarket's application would still need to receive several approvals, including a permit from the board itself. Village Mayor Mark Epley said that, "It's not a rubber stamp on anything." That does feel a little disingenuous as it seems odd that the board would go through the trouble of passing this law?created specifically for the supermarket?only to later deny their application.

We would love to hear from Curbed readers on this one. Let us know what you think the comments.

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