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Views Galore From This Three-Bed Traditional In Southampton

Located close enough to borrow a cup of sugar from a house we recently featured is this twenty-year-old three-bedroom on Meadow Lane. The 1700 sq. ft. hit the market in the middle of last week with a healthy $5.495M pricetag attached. That ask represents more than a $2M increase from what the owner paid in 2005 when he shelled out $3.4M for the place.

The house itself is nice, if unexceptional?it's your run-of-the-mill beach cottage (although an excellently maintained one). However, the land it's perched upon is anything but. The 1.2 acre parcel not only overlooks Shinnecock Bay, but it's also "adjacent to preserved land for as far as the eye can see." That's why?though the house is more than adequate?"DEC approval has been obtained for construction of a new house and pool." This is a stellar piece of property to build on.

· Listing: Southampton Village Meadow Lane [Saunders]