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A Pied-A-Terre In "The Heart Of Southampton" For $679K

When this two-bedroom entered the market roughly one year ago it was priced rather aggressively at $795K. Unfortunately, with very rare exceptions, this particular strategy doesn't lend itself to securing a sale in the current market. The owner seems to have gotten that message and the ask is now a more palatable $679K. While still on the high side?especially for 1000 sq. ft. on a .16 acres?we can't argue that the place makes a great impression. We're loving the kitchen, the hardwood floors, that fireplace and the overall decor (except for that one bedspread). The "mahogany deck with retractable awning overlooking the lawn and evergreen tree border" is a nice little addition as well. The lack of pool and inability to build one will most likely drive the ask down a little more, but the price is getting there. Thoughts?

· Listing: Southampton Village Pied A Terre [Corcoran]