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Power Lunching

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Haute Living just released a list of its top 5 power lunchspots in the Hamptons. Making the cut are: The American Hotel in Sag Harbor, East Hampton Point, La Plage in Wading River, the Southampton incarnation of Sant Ambroeus and Sag Harbor's Tutto il Giorno. We have to take issue with the inclusion of a restaurant that's closed for the season (EHP) and another that's on the North Shore (La Plage), but their other choices aren't that bad. Other than Bobby Van's, can you think of any other glaring omissions from the list? [Haute Living]

East Hampton Point

295 Three Mile Harbor Hog Creek Road, , NY 11937 (631) 324-9191 Visit Website

Sant Ambroeus

265 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 966-2770 Visit Website