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Another Of Wainscott's Seven Oceanfront Properties Is For Sale

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This three-bedroom in Wainscott hit the market late last week with an pricetag of $16.25M. It now joins one of the other "magnificent seven" hoping to find a buyer. Other than a facade that doesn't scream "I ? the 80s" (and an ask roughly $7M less), what differentiates the two?

For starters, this particular listing offers more acreage (3.25 vs. 2.3) with a nine-acre preserve sitting directly to the north. The property's got less ocean frontage (250' vs. 325'), but more square footage (3500' vs 3000'). The grounds also boast a tennis court and a putting green. And while there's no pool to speak of?which is rather surprising, actually?"there is private access to the Atlantic Ocean from every room." Perhaps the biggest difference, though, is that this doesn't look like an immediate teardown. The facade does feel a little dated, but you're not going to be humming the Beverly Hills Cop theme song every time you see it.

· Listing: Oceanfront in Wainscott [Sotheby's]