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Anderson Cooper Is Going To Be His Own Neighbor

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[Photos courtesy of Prudential Douglas Elliman]

The New York Post is reporting that The Silver Fox himself, CNN's Anderson Cooper, has added to his Hamptons estate in Quogue Quiogue*. Curbed readers will recall that a couple of his neighbors listed their homes near the beginning of 2010. The larger of the two?a seven-bedroom "decorator-perfect" 6600 sq.ft. house?sold for just a hair under $4M last April. Mr. Cooper, however, shelled out for the other property: a four-bedroom overlooking Aspatuck Creek that once belonged to the Oscar-winning scribe of "On The Waterfront", Budd Schulberg. Originally listed at $3.5, the t-shirt enthusiast ended up getting quite a deal. The final purchase price for the 2.4 acre property was $1.7M.

· Anderson Cooper buys $1.7M Hamptons home that used to belong to Oscar-winning screenwriter [NY Post]

*Normally, we don't consider Quogue Quiogue as part of the Hamptons, but we're making an exception on account of those dreamy blue eyes.