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Is This Meadow Lane Modern Priced Right At $5.95M?

We kind of love everything about this three-bedroom modern set on 1.1 acres along one of Southampton's priciest streets. From the relatively simple shape of the house itself to the not-completely-white interiors, everything's just working for us...especially the view through those double height windows. While it may not be of the Atlantic, we'd somehow find a way to stomach the sunsets over Shinnecock Bay.

At 2200 sq. ft., the place is downright minuscule compared to some of its neighbors across the street, but we're not too bothered by that. What does have us a little concerned is the ask: at $6M, it seems a high. However, due to the location, we're not 100% certain that it is. So, we've decided to hand this one off to the folks at home...y'all seem to have a knack for this kind of stuff.

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