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A Two-Bedroom Bungalow In East Hampton For $959.9K

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After being unsure of the ask on the previous property we featured, we're absolutely certain about this one: it's way too high. Considering there's a newer, similarly-priced house nearby that offers almost twice the acreage, almost twice the square footage and comes with a pool, this pricetage is just wrong. Let's not forget about the home's less-than-ideal location atop Indian Hill?a favorite shortcut for those trying to avoid traffic on North Main St. And don't even get us started on the interiors. Blech. Anyone else get the sense that this is a case of a homeowner having completely unrealistic expectations for what their home is worth?

The listing says that this 1200 sq. ft. residence would be fun for designers as "a re-do or [to] explore the 50s style". While that could very well be, at $960K, we'll never know.

· Listing: 42 Miller Lane East [Corcoran]