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A Simple Cottage In The Springs For Only $419K

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Last week, a reader chided us for calling the ask on another Clearwater Beach home "not unreasonable". Hopefully, whomever he or she may be is ok with us calling this one a downright bargain.

With a price that "reflects our new market", the private three-bedroom boasts an open living room, hardwood floors throughout, a fireplace, an awning-covered deck as well as an outdoor shower and heated detached garage. And unlike some listings, the professionally landscaped .5 acre property comes with a heated pool. As with all members of the Clearwater Beach Association, ownership also grants usage of a private bay beach and marina.

While a few more shots of the interior would be welcome, if it's anywhere near as nice as the outside, we expect this will finder a buyer in short order. Agreed? Or should we be expecting another anonymous slap on the wrist?

· Listing: Simply Clearwater Beach Cottage With Pool [DMHP]