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Should Sag Harbor's "Legs" Be Allowed To Stay?

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Readers of the site should be well aware of the years-long brouhaha involving the sculpture known as "Legs" in Sag Harbor. At issue: Even though it violates several village zoning laws, homeowners Janet Lehr and Ruth Vered want to keep the Larry Rivers-created statue on their property. However, The Sag Harbor Village Zoning Board has denied their variance requests and has given the pair a January 22nd date for removal. If the partners don't comply?or apply for a new variance?by then, they'll be headed to court.

As you might expect, the homeowners' response to the ultimatum has been anything but subdued. "I would like to reiterate the 'Legs' are not a thing, are not a structure, they are a work of art and art is a fundamental right. It is protected by the First Amendment," argued Ms. Lehr. Support for (and opposition to) keeping "Legs" in Sag Harbor is just as breathless. For every positive comment ("Such a shame, this iconic sculpture is a wonderful addition to the Village.") there seems to be a negative ("I will bet most Sag Harbor residents want this eyesore to go away, it's made the point for the sake of art but it's time to go.").

With the removal date a little over a week away, we thought it the perfect time for a poll on the matter. So...

Poll results

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