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This Springs Home Takes "Shabby Chic" To A Whole New Level

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We almost broke out the "That's Rather Hideous" tag for this four-bedroom set on .76 acres in The Springs. However, after careful consideration?and a great deal of laughter?we decided this home is more "ridiculous" than "horrendous". We're affectionately calling the decor "Single Dad Chic". And we've never seen anything like it.

Here are just a few of treasures that can be seen in this 3,400 sq. ft. residence's listing photos*:

  • · A boat in the middle of the lawn
    · Throw rugs around the pool
    · A phone that's actually connected to the wall
    · A wrought iron horse sculpture affixed to the back of the house
    · Statues (Buddhas, chickens, headless torsos) everywhere
    · A pair of giant sunglasses
    · A commercial kitchen in the living room
    · A fake parrot
    · A bed on its own island
    · Animal skins galore
    · Morticia Addams' bathroom

It's not too hard to figure out why this place has seen almost 750K worth of pricechops since hitting the market in October of 2010 (the ask is now $1.595M). While these curios are fun to look at, they have to be a detriment to selling the place. It's hard too appreciate that the home is "overlooking the same water and bathed in the same light that inspired Pollack, de Kooning, Rothko and others" when you're doubled over in laughter. · Listing: 12 Will Curl Highway [Corcoran]

*If we've missed anything noteworthy, feel free to let us know in the comments.