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One Priceup and Three Pricechops For This AMG Oceanfront

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This Hollenbeck & Smith-designed five-bedroom first hit the market in November of '09 for the tidy sum of $11.5M. One priceup (to $12M) and three pricechops?the most recent occurring just yesterday?later, the ask is a still-healthy $10.5M. And just what is that getting you? Cue the brokerbabble!:

"Five star energy rated, this newly offered (sic) oceanfront has state of the art amenities throughout including 2 fireplaces, heated tile floors, pre-wiring for a complete audio/visual system as well as surround sound ~ flat screens throughout. There is even an elevator to give you a lift after a long day of body surfing the waves.Of course, the home also comes with a heated pool?although it may be the smallest we've seen; it's more like a glorified hot tub. That, along with the minuscule building lot (less than half an acre) and underwhelming square footage (3200) are probably why this place has been on the market so long. Even if it is oceanfront, $3,281/sq. ft. is completely unrealistic. This little biddy is going to continue sitting unless the ask comes down dramatically. · Listing: 179 Marine Boulevard [Corcoran]