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A Jaw-Dropping Estate With An Equally Mind-Blowing Ask

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Located less than a quarter-mile down the road from a house we featured just yesterday is this 10-bedroom Southampton estate. Owned by the global head of Deutsche Asset Management, Kevin E. Parker, the gambrel-style residence set on 3.4 acres saw its ask increased $3M about 8 months ago. The pricetag on the 13,000 sq. ft. behemoth now? A cool $30M. And what does that get ya these days? Hows about:

"10 fireplaces, imported French fireplace mantles including an amazing master suite with paneled sitting room, fireplace and built-in cabinetry, circular tower alcove, outdoor deck, and antique French tub. Hand-painted walls in master suite, entrance all and powder rooms by American painter, Kevin Paulson. Architecture design by Peter Schulte to resemble one the famous traditional estates of the past including a beautifully done covered Porte Cochere with barrel-vaulted wood salt water pool, pool house, staff apartment, gym, custom wine cellar with vaulted plaster ceiling, and tennis court with herringbone paneled brick walls and Rebound Ace surface"Whew! Quite the home Mr. Parker's built for himself there. Although we doubt he's itching to actually sell the place. Usually, when a house doesn't sell for three years, owners don't decide to up the ask by $3M. But maybe that's why he's a member of Deutsche Bank's Group Executive Committee and we're not. · Listing: 385 Great Plains Rd. [Corcoran]