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This Northwest Woods Five-Bedroom Has Quite The View

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StreetEasy is doing us no favors when it comes to the pricing history on this 3,200 sq. ft. East Hampton contemporary. As it stands right right now, Corcoran's got the place listed at $1.875M, so that's what we're going with.

"Perched up high," the residence's "sleek clean lines with big glass windows" do a fantastic job of showcasing the property's "stunning wooded 2.71 acres." Looking at the listing photos, we don't consider the use of "stunning" to be hyperbolic in the slightest?that view must be gorgeous almost all year long (January and February ruin everything). Throw in a chef's kitchen, great room (with a fireplace) and deck that surrounds a pretty sweet-looking pool and you've got yourself a place perfect for entertaining and impressing your friends. So what if it's not south-of-the-highway? No one's going to complain with scenery like this.

· Listing: 305 Two Holes Water Road [Corcoran]