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This Converted, Water Mill Potato Barn Is Now $645K Cheaper

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While some choose to ring in the new year with a change of agencies, others celebrate with a pricechop. This 7500 sq. ft. home hit the market back in May asking just a hair under $5M. A little more than eight months later, the pricetag is now $4.35M.

Sitting on two south-of-the-highway acres in Water Mill, the onetime potato barn has been "expertly converted" by designer John Saladino. It now offers:

"Stunning open spaces, exposed wood beams, and thoughtfully designed natural and professional lighting enhance the living spaces and provide a perfect backdrop for the finest collections of art work and interior design. There is a magnificently large main living room, spacious kitchen and dining room, four bedrooms, three baths."The property itself boasts "park like" grounds, a brick terrace, heated pool, mature trees and and an expansive lawn. And even though a house with a low-slung, pitched roof and "sides banked with earth" might not be everyone's cup of tea, most would agree that this conversion is a success?the interiors (especially the decor) look great. · Listing: 439 Cobb Road [Brown Harris Stevens]