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A Modest Home With A Glamorous Owner Is Looking For $895K

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Today's entry into the Under $1M club is this little four-bedroom in Wainscott. Belonging to Couture Designer Jackie Rogers, the 2000 sq. ft. home's listing copy befits its owner. To wit:

"...loaded with character [it] will leave you panting. The ceiling is an exquisite array of beamed detail. The bathrooms and kitchen are new as are the chocolate wood floors. A handsome wood burning fireplace centers the house which has a very open floor plan. Unusual railing detail and a tin roof top off this one of a kind. "Architectural Digest (warning: PDF) notes that the house was built using planks and beams salvaged from 19th century Amish barns and makes mention of the "zen-like meditation garden" found on the .73 acre property. Sadly, those details don't make up for the non-existant pool. That's a big part of the reason why we believe the ask will need come down even more?it was originally listed at $950K?before a buyer is found. It's a lovely home, but that particular amenity is expected at this price. · Listing: 19 Daniels Hole Road [Corcoran]