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Neighbors' War Against Farm Continues Its Spectacular Escalation

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Satur Farms is a name that pops up on restaurant menus all over the East End. But did you know they're "killing [people] with diesel fumes, dust, noise pollution"? Or so said a giant sign that neighbors erected next door to the 20-acre farm on the North Fork because they're super annoyed by the number of trucks going to and fro the farm everyday.

And although the sign has since come down, the farm has launched a $14M lawsuit against the meddlesome neighbors, claiming they've been the recipients of "extremely abusive, malicious and unjustified attacks" that are designed to "drive Satur out of business." The farm wants an injunction against those signs and to prevent the neighbors from "having any contact with farm employees, customers or vendors."

But the neighbors are planning a countersuit of their own to force the farm to address their exhaust, dust, and noise complaints. “$14 million just because we’re complaining about their situation?” asked one exasperated neighbor. “We’re just asking them for some relief. We’ve been going on with this for 10 years. If they’re going to sue us, we’re going to give them plenty of bad publicity.”

In the meantime, the neighbors have called Eberhard Muller, one of the farm owners, a "Nazi," who in turn has called the neighbors "f***ing morons." And when one of the neighbors tried to take a picture of one of the diesel trucks, Muller allegedly dropped his pants and said, "Take a picture of this." And we thought our South Fork spats were bad?

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