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Stephan Keszler Would Like To Clarify The Facts for the Record

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Last week, we wrote about a new Banksy exhibition at the Keszler Gallery in Southampton that has generated quite a bit of excitement and raised a few eyebrows. Stephan Keszler himself writes: "Many of the points mentioned in some of the articles are in error and we would like to clarify the facts for the record." So here's his five point rebuttal:

1. We neither sought nor needed a "sanction'" from Pest Control to put on a show of privately owned works by the artist known as Banksy. The opening reception was enthusiastically welcomed by more than a thousand visitors. 2. Pest Control made the claim that they "warned Mr. Keszler of the serious implications of selling unauthenticated works." This is simply not true. The Keszler Galley has received no such "admonishment" from Pest Control. Today the Keszler Gallery has requested Pest Control to cease making untrue and unsubstantiated comments with respect to our exhibition.

3. Neither the Keszler Gallery nor Bankrobber Gallery have ever encouraged nor been involved in anyway with the removal of street works by the artist known as Banksy. All works appearing in the exhibition had been removed from their original locations by the owners long ago and were later offered to us for this show.

4. The works currently in the exhibition represent a small but significant body of work that, had it not been for the efforts of the Keszler Gallery and Bankrobber Gallery, would have been lost for all time.

5. Finally, with respect to the authenticity of the works, Pest Control never authenticates any of Banksy's street works as this would be a "signed confession on letterhead" as Banksy himself puts it. The works have been featured on Banksy's website and Pest Control has never questioned the authenticity of these works.

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