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Big Reveal: How Much For This Sagaponack 3-Bedroom?

Location: 478 Wainscott Harbor Road, Sagaponack
Asking: $2,495,000

We'll have to dig a little deeper for our next PriceSpotter contestant. Curbed readers almost immediately recognized this one as the home the Olsen twins came close to buying a few months back. The first?and only?guess pretty much nailed it: "If it's right next to the airport - $2.5[M]."

"It's at the end of the runway," responded one commenter, "maybe that's why they built that fantastic bomb shelter in the basement." We would think the listing would mention a bomb shelter, fantastic or otherwise, so we don't know whether or not to call shenanigans on this commenter's claim. Maybe the agent wants to focus buyer attention on the home's gorgeous exteriors and downplay the need to muffle the jet noise coming from the airport nearby. If any Curbed readers have intimiate knowledge and feel like sharing, shoot us an Email or let us know in the comments.

Update: An in-the-know Curbed reader sent us an Email with the following explanation: "Perhaps the 'bomb shelter” comment refers to the fact that the basements underneath the main house and the studio are connected by a narrow underground passageway that is directly under the above ground walkway between the two structures. It’s pretty cool and very unique." Works for us. Shenanigans will not be called.

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