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Be Gentle, It's This Bridgehampton Home's First Time

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This south of the highway six-bedroom's first appearance on the market has the agent reaching deep into the high-end real estate buzzword grab bag. Described as a casually elegant modern masterpiece, the 7,000 sq. ft. house was designed by a renowned architect, erected by a master builder and features a heated, gunite pool and exquisite landscaping from a celebrated landscape architect . The home's located on the north side of premiere Surfside Drive, so it's not waterfront, but the homeowner has a private path to the ocean.

Forgetting the fawning brokerbabble for a moment, we're interested in hearing from Curbed readers. Is the $13.3M ask too much for this understated manse? It's in line with similar homes in the area, but will it take a Pricechop (or four) to change hands?

· Listing: Premiere Surfside Drive Location [Sotheby's]