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A Couple of Montauk Waterfronts Battle It Out

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Traffic may have disappeared for the next nine months, but the South Fork's breathtaking views aren't going away anytime soon. So with Fall sunsets in mind, we've got two oceanfront Montauk manses vying for supremacy in this week's deathmatch.

First up is this six-bedroom, seven-bath fishbowl with an ask of $6.7M. With panoramic views of the Atlantic from both its geo-thermally heated floors, a 55' pool and a gourmet kitchen, this home's most desirable feature might also be its most practical: Suffolk County-approved hurricane blinds.

The next contestant is this similarly-priced four-bedroom, three-bath whose owner seems to really like wood paneling. With a price-tag of $6.5M, the home is nestled in the dunes and affords ocean views from every room and numerous decks. In an effort to "green" up the place, the owner has installed a 3.2k solar system.

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