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Reader Comments

Curbed readers aren't known for mincing their words. Here's a collection of some of the more to-the-point comments from our recent posts:

SOUTHFORK KITCHEN'S OFF-SEASON EFFORTS: "Please, please teach us all how to order, consume and behave properly at your out of the way establishment. Amy Vanderbilt has nothing on your boorish selfindulgences."

PRICED RIGHT OUT OF CONTENTION: "Waaaaaaayyyyy overpriced. They need a reality check as well as a price chop to even be 'in it' - hello!!!!"

IS JENNY MOVING TO THE BLOCK?: "She probably had never even heard of Water Mill in her life until she made some money. Really its too quiet for you - you will not like it. Go to Vegas."

AN EDUCATION IN COLOR THEORY: "If you were in the design industry, you'd know that color is as old as, well, Sag Harbor. Or Cape Cod Gray. Helloooo."

THE POOR PLANNING DEPARTMENT: "It's on an eroding cliff, and the architect designed a nearly all-glass structure without any storm shutters or room to retrofit it. If the place isn't wrecked by a hurricane, it'll fall into the ocean within the next 25 years."