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What Does $34 Million Buy These Days?

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On Friday, we highlighted one of the area's more "affordable" homes. Today, we thought we'd check out the other end of the real estate spectrum.

A newcomer to the market, this seven-bedroom manse isn't suffering from a dearth of custom details. From the hand fitted base of French limestone to the ceiling's walnut Gouge panels to a front door consisting of woven bronze and mahogany, architect Warren Bohn went out of his way to ensure this house was unique. Just check the listing's description for one of its 8.5 bathrooms:

"White glass slabs with blue onyx accents and a western turret, round spa tub room with zinc hot tub, floors in river rock and fully retractable curved windows and a glass roof."

Breitenbach Builders also made sure to appease the traditionalists out there: The home's facade is cedar shingled. While we have doubts whether the waterfront home will find a buyer for its current price tag, we can't deny that the $1600/sq. ft. spent on construction is obvious in every detail.

· Listing: 187 Dune Road [Corcoran]