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Water Mill Residents File Suit Against Sailing Club

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In a move that seems to invite toilet paper and eggs this Halloween, a group calling itself the Mecox Bay Civic Association has filed suit against the town of Southampton and the Mecox Sailing Association, a local non-profit. After the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation gave their OK, the sailing association was granted permission by the town to set up shop at the old Mecox Yacht Club. Now residents in the area are asking Governor Cuomo to intercede, claiming the club would bring noise, traffic and pollution.

Members of the civic association?including Ameriprise Financial CFO Walter Berman and television producer Mitchell Kriegman?have been voicing their complaints since the sailing club first made its intentions known over a year ago. Petitions were circulated asking, "Do you want 200 cars on Bay Lane and the noise and activity of a 200 member Yacht Club? Do you want a building and parking lot where the cul de sac is now?" It wasn't until last month that the lawyers were called in to challenge the credibility of the recently-granted wetlands permit.

"This is 'Not in My Backyard' mentality at its worst," said Jeff Mansfield, the Bridgehampton resident leading the efforts to bring back the club. "[It] would be for those in our community who are not fortunate enough to live on or near the water, own a boat, a trailer, or afford expensive mooring fees or private Yacht Club dues."

No word from the area's newest rumored resident, J-Lo.

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